Mukti’s Vision is to create such an environment whereby any and every individual is able to sustain with change-environment and look forward to a promising future.

RISTE meeting, workshop & Kisaan Goshthi Meet

MUKTI in partnership with CUTS International has been working on food security and rice production. The project is being supported by Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, and involves exploring bi-lateral trade possibilities of HYV rice seeds between India and Bangladesh. Project RISTE (Addressing Barriers to Rice Seeds Trade Between India and Bangladesh) is being implemented in four states in eastern India (Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal) and three regions in Bangladesh in partnership with different NGOs. Project RISTE will analyze for the barriers of seed supply and will pave a way for involving farmers in production and marketing and promote rice seeds entrepreneurship which would in ripple ensure economic upliftment of the poor, who MUKTI stands for.

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