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Budget & Overhead

These are the components for which sponsorship amount is being used:

  • Provide school fees if any
  • Textbooks (outgoing students are requested to donate old text books to needy students coming in next year).
  • Other essentials like exercise books, pen, pencil etc.
  • School uniforms, if required.
  • Food and lodging expenses, if required.
  • Private tuition, if required; though this practice is not promoted by MUKTI.

Over and above the assessed budget, there is an overhead cost for each student, covering the following expenses:

  • Accounting, auditing, stationery, communication and other office expenses.
  • Minimum expenses for selected students who are awaiting sponsorship (or do not have a sponsor for the year).
  • Continuing expenses for students whose sponsorship is discontinued from sponsors’ end for any reason.
The sponsorship amount is the sum of the assessed budget and the overhead. Students receive quarterly
disbursement for their courses. The quarterly disbursement amount, budget, overhead and sponsorship amounts
are tabulated below:

Bucket Courses / Stream of Study Annual Sponsorship Per Student (INR) Assessed Annual Budget Per Student (INR) Annual Overhead Per Student (INR) Quarterly Disbursement (INR)
Bucket A Higher Secondary (Science/ Humanities/ Commerce), Graduation and Post Grad in Arts, Commerce or Law, Diploma in Engineering & BBA 10500 9500 1000 2375
Bucket B Science Courses and Geography (B.Sc., M.Sc., Geography Hons.) Nursing, Lab Technician courses, Social Science 20000 18000 2000 4500
Bucket C Engineering (Degree), BCA 25200 22600 2600 5650
Bucket D Medical (MBBS/BHMS/BAMS/Pharma) 32600 29300 3300 7325