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First Name Last Name Present Education
Abhijit Chowdhury B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering 2nd year 2nd Semester
Abhirup Banerjee M.Sc. Microbiology 1st year 1st semester
Abhirup Ruj Civil Engineering 1st Year 2nd semester
Afreen Sultana M.Sc (Zoology) Zoology Honours 2nd year 4th semester
Afrid Javed MBBS 3rd professional part II final year
Aishwarya Pramanik Class XI Science
Aishwarya Roy B.Tech in Civil Engineering 3rd year 5th semester
Ajijul Mallick MBBS 3rd professional
Akash Mukherjee B.Com ,Accounting & Finance Hons ,3rd yr.
Akash Khan B.Sc. Agriculture Honours, 3rd year 1st semester
Akash Basak Physics Honours 1st semester
Aktarul Islam MBBS 3rd profession part- 2
Aman Mahato Mechanical Engineering 2nd year 2nd semester
Ambika Pradhan M.A Philosophy Hons 2nd year 4th semester
Amrita Mondal M.Sc.(mathematics) , 2nd year 4th semester
Animesh Das Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, 4th year 8th semester
Animesh Halder XII, Commerce
Anindita Biswas B.sc Nursing 2nd year
Anirban Biswas Appeared in Higher Secondary
Anirban Maity B.Sc Hotel & Hiospitality Management, 2nd year
Anish Roy XII Science
Ankan Mondal B.Sc Microbiology (Honours), 6th semester
Ankan Sarkar B.E Civil Engineering 2nd year, 1st semester
Anup Singh MA Political Science 1st year
Anwesha Bera XI, Science
Apurba Mahato MBBS 2nd Profession
Arindam Sarkar M.B.B.S. 3rd profession part-2
Arindam Samanta B.Sc. ,3rd yr, 2nd sem with Optometry Honours
Aritra Ghosh B.Sc. with Mathematics Honours, Final year complete
Aritra Saha MBBS 2nd prof