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What is TSS?

Talented Student Sponsorship or abbreviated as TSS, is a scholarship program created by MUKTI through which individual students are provided with both financial and educational support required to get access to a structured education. The sponsored students are provided with support until he or she establishes him/herself in the society. In the program, MUKTI also grooms the sponsored students to lead the way to the future prospective students through this program.

How will Mukti use my donation?

Following minimum necessities are met with the money donated by any benevolent sponsor for his / her sponsored student:
  Purchase of prescribed text books and other accessories like exercise books, pens pencils, geometry sets, etc.
  Providing monthly private tuition fees (if required)
  School uniforms
  School admission fees
  Nutrition supports to sponsored students
  Balance fund for other purpose as on requirement basis, like health, annual outing, umbrellas, shoes etc.

Is there a minimum period I must support a student?

The minimum required period is one year. This will ensure that the student with a continuous support, helping them to concentrate on nothing but study. However, long-term commitments for more than a year are highly appreciated.


If I cannot continue to support a student, what will happen to him/her?

In that case we have to look for another sponsor for the student. So we ask that you let us know about your decision as early as possible so that we have ample time to search for other donors. Note that whereas MUKTI will try its best to keep the student in the program, this is contingent to finding a sponsor and is by no means guaranteed.

Will this cost rise as the Students grows up?

In general if the cost of sponsorship rises we tell donors. However, existing donors may carry on paying their existing rate unless the difference becomes too great.

Where does the money go?

90% of the sponsorship money received goes towards the expenses of the education of the students like Books, Tuition fees, School fees, etc. 10% of the sponsorship money will be spent as a overhead expenses for students like food , lodging, school uniform, etc.

How long do students stay in TSS program?

MUKTI strives to support the student until he / she is elevated in the society with proper education. However, if at any point the student becomes self-sustaining or he/she finds some alternate sponsors.

MUKTI can shift that support to other needy students. Mukti encourages student to maintain a satisfactory result, failing which Mukti and or the sponsor has the full discretionary to discontinue support.


Will all the students in a project be sponsored?

MUKTI tries to find sponsors for all the students who are short-listed and included in the TSS program.

How does Mukti appraise the credibility of students to include them in the TSS program?

Merit of the student and his / her financial health are the primary criteria that are used to appraise the students’ eligibility to include in TSS program. The field volunteers of Mukti collect the defector information regarding financial status of the students’ household and their merit. This is accomplished by:
  Appraising the past results ie Board exams. and feedback from their respective school teachers, and
  Gathering local knowledge to appraise the family’s financial health.

What can a sponsor expect from the program?

The sponsor is entitled to the following:

Individual Sponsor Corporate/Organizational Sponsor
Complete program package containing Student Photo, Profile, Memento, FAQ. Yes Yes
Status reports about student’s progress Every 6 months Every 6 months
Progress report Every year Every year
Receipt of sponsorship Yes. This can be used to claim 80G tax deduction from Government of India Yes
Direct student contact and visitation Yes Yes. Representative of organization can directly contact the student and visit him/her
Recognition Sponsor name will be displayed in Mukti’s website (if permitted by the sponsor) Organization name will be displayed in Mukti’s website (if permitted by the sponsor) Organization will be recognized as a partner during news coverage
Right to voice opinion to Mukti management regarding any major change in the program Yes Yes

Can I get brief about sponsorship process and formalities?

A list of students and respective bio-data will be provided to sponsor
  Sponsor should specify the choice/ preference of student they wish to sponsor. A pledge to continue support for additional years will be appreciated. Current payment should be restricted to one year
  Sponsors are requested to fill up the ‘Sponsor Information Form’ for future correspondences
  Sponsors are requested to communicate any changes to their information, including address or contact information changes to Mukti. Such information should be e-mailed to tss@muktiweb.org
  Additional information about where and how funds should be sent has been discussed in later sections


What expectations do Mukti have from the students?

The student should continue their education and strive to improve their results within a reasonable time.
Students have to send examination results to their sponsor at least once every six months. Mukti will facilitate this communication.
If a student faces unforeseen problems, he or she is expected to communicate the problem to the sponsor through Mukti.
After a sponsored student establish in their life, Mukti expect help from them for betterment of the society.

Can I send gifts/money directly to my sponsored student?

Although we appreciate your intent, Mukti requests the sponsors to not to send money/gifts directly to sponsored student. This is primarily to prevent students yet to be sponsored from feeling left out and also to avoid the practice of pilferage.

Can we choose the child we sponsor?

Yes, but within three options which we will give you. We will be sending you the details of these three students and you can choose between them based on these details. Please note that this is done to ensure optimal distribution of benefits to maximum number of students.

What religion will my sponsored student be?

As with real families students generally are brought up in their mother’s faith until they are old enough to make decisions themselves. Many villages have families of different faith living side by side. If a students comes to us of a particular faith we will generally place them with a mother of the same faith. In practice this means we generally bring up student in the prevailing religion of their country where there is one.

Can I visit my student in India?

Certainly! Mukti strongly encourages the sponsors to meet their students whenever they visit India.

This raises the morale of the students largely. Sponsors should express their desire to meet their sponsored candidates so that Mukti Coordinators can make all necessary arrangements to make up this sponsor-student meeting.


Can I correspond with my sponsored student?

Mukti strongly encourages you to write to your student. This is one of the unique aspects of TSS, the ability to become intimately involved in the life of an underprivileged student. Mentoring your sponsored student is a deeply rewarding experience for both your student and you! We ask that you initiate correspondence, as many of the students have never written letters before. This also helps the student to increase their communication skill at the very early stage of their life.

What address should I send my letters to?

All mails should be sent to the address as given below. See the projects page for the exact address.

How do I support a student?

Please fill in the sign up form and we will get in touch with you soon. You can find out about our project(s) here.

How do I donate my money?

To make your donation, you have a various options for payment as mentioned below:

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Sponsors can enjoy the tax exemption for all donations made to Mukti, India as per section 80G of Income Tax Act, India.

How I can contact MUKTI?

Simply visit our Contact Us page.