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Talented Student Sponsrship 2011-12

Publish Date : 11-11-2011


Mukti charitable trust was started in 2003 with the vision of promoting inclusive and holistic socio-economic development. Since its inception in 2003, one of the major aims of Mukti is to help economically challenged but meritorious students to realize their academic potential.

The Talented Student Sponsorship (TSS) program is one such program that was started in 2006. Under this program, scholarships are provided to needy and meritorious students until they are ready for the job market. The program completed its fifth year this year, with 403 scholarships given out during this period. These include success stories in which students have successfully completed their degree courses and are now serving as skilled professionals at reputed companies.

Mukti organized a public function for the TSS program 2011-12 on 11th Nov 2011 at Dr. Triguna Sen Auditorium at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, where scholarships were officially provided out to total 57 students from different parts of West Bengal. The sponsors include Mukti for Social Development (MSD) (USA) (25 students), Mukti Qatar and Bangiyaparisad Qatar (10 students), Mukti Australia (4 students) and individual donors from all over the world.

This event was graced by the presence of Siddhartha Dutta, Vice chancellor of Jadavpur University, honorable member of parliament, Tarun Kanti Naskar and Nalini Chakrabarty, Samar Chandra Mondal, Shishir Nag, Dulal Chandra Mondal and Bishwanath Mondal, vice president of Mukti.

Mukti is grateful to all the guests, participants and sponsors for their commitment and presence in making this event a big success.

This year Mukti received more than 300 applications from needy students of various parts of west Bengal. Many poor but needy students called Mukti continuously over last five months asking about TSS program and how they can get help from this program. We take this opportunity to thank them all. But at the same time we regret that we could not accommodate many of the students who are really need the required help due to lack of sponsors!

We urge each individuals to come forward and sponsor a student and help them to bring some smiles to their face. It won't take more than the price of a tea everyday you spend at the roadside tea shops in a year. One less shirts/saree in puja can bring lots of happiness to the face of those needy students!


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