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Talented Students Sponsorship Programmer 2013

Publish Date : 08-11-2013


The Talented student sponsorship (TSS) for the academic year 2013-2014 was initiated at a special award ceremony held at the Indumati hall, Jadavpur University on the 8th of November 2013. The Guest of Honours present were dignitaries like Prof. Siddhartha Datta, the Pro Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University, Dr Tarun Naskar, MLA of West Bengal and prof of Department of Mechanical Engineering, JU, Prof. Dulal Kumar Mandal, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Prof. Subhashree Thakur. The afternoon was supervised by Mr. Sankar Halder, the president of Mukti, Mr. Biswanath Mandal, Secretary of Mukti and Satyajit Roy, Asst. Secretary of Mukti.

In the current year Mukti is sponsoring 65 talented but financially challenged students. In the programme most of the students and their parents guardian were present to make the programme a success.

The program began with an introductory song by Bratati Mukherjee, a former TSS scholarship holder. The Pro-Vice Chancellor and the other dignitaries then lighted the ceremonial lamps, signifying brightness and continuity of knowledge. Bouquets were handed out as a small token of appreciation for the special guests for their participation and patronage.

The president of Mukti, Sankar Halder gave a motivational welcome address. He outlined his career beginning and the birth of the concept of MUKTI. He took us back to a virtual trip and recounted the history of this organization for the last 10 years. He enumerated the works and enlightened the audience with the works of several wings and projects associated with MUKTI- all build towards the common goal of development through education and empowerment. He then recounted and informed everybody about the TSS work in particular and discussed the various facets associated with it.

After a small break of refreshments, the program started again with speeches from the Secretary, TSS and the invited dignitaries who all highlighted the history and achievements of this organization. Among many others, Bratati Mukherjee, a former TSS scholarship holder recounted her personal life history and how TSS supported her desire for higher education since her Madhyamik days right upto her graduation. Salman Mandal, a 2nd year MBBS student talked of his struggles and the contribution of Mukti towards his dreams of becoming a doctor. All of them and others including Rafikul Alam, another of our scholarship holder, reiterated their pledge to stand by MUKTI and MUKTI-TSS empowering the next generation of students in achieving their goals. Mr Rabin Halder, father of a scholarship recipient, expressed his sincere gratitude.

A total of 65 students were formally handed out the scholarship this year. The program ended with a message of inspiration to all young students to work hard in achieving their goals and remain pledged to the cause of MUKTI-TSS.

The entre programme was nicely anchored by Prof Hrisikesh Halder. We thank all the attendees and the guests for making this afternoon such a grand success and pledge to work together in the coming years in our commitment to help more underprivileged students in their quest for education.

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