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Apurba Santra

Present Education Electrical Engineering, 4th yr.
Present Institution Jalpaiguri Govt. Engineering College
Address Raidighi, 24pgs. (S)
Joint Rank Engineering 5243
Educational Background Madhyamik in 2007, scored 81 % marks Higher Secondary in 2009, scored 74 % marks
Current / Last Sponsor Mr. Tapan Karmakar
Sponsorship History 2011: Mr. Tapan Karmakar ; 2012: Mr. Tapan Karmakar; 2013: Mr. Tapan Karmakar ; 2014: Mr. Tapan Karmakar
About I am from a joint family and our family has been involved in farming. Our monthly income is Rs. 2,250, which is indeed insufficient to run our big family. My elder sister is a 3rd yr. Physics honors student of Raidighi College. I am a 4th yr. Electrical Engineering student of Jalpaiguri Govt. Engineering College. Though, I have aspiration for M.Tech., but considering our financial condition, I will prefer to get a job in campus interview. I am really interested in social work related activities and want to support the needy families.
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