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Sayeed Anwar Babu

Sponsorship Bucket Bucket D (₹28000)
Present Education MBBS 3rd professional part II
Present Institution Calcutta National Medical College
Address Gopalpur , Baishnabnagar , Nadia
Email babu26127@gmail.com
Joint Rank NEET Rank-23241 , State-609
Educational Background Passed Madhyamik with scored 91% from Mozampur H.S.S.B High School in 2014 & scored H.S. with 93% from Bamongram H.M.A.M. School in 2016
Polytechnic Rank NA
Current / Last Sponsor Aiducate Now
Sponsorship History Nov'2019-20 ;20-21,21-22; Aiducate Now
About I am a student of MBBS 2nd professional in Calcutta National Medical College. My home is in Gopalpur village in the district of Malda in West Bengal. My father, Nowsad Ali is a farmer and My mother ,Anuara Bibi is a housewife. I have two siblings and they are studying in a school. My father is the only bread earner in my family and his annual income is Rs. 36000/-approximately. It is very much difficult for him to arrange all expenses of our education and household requirements. The annual expenses of my education including accommodation go up to Rs.101500/-.Though we are very poor background challenged yet my parents are very keen about our education .Hence I have applied in Mukti for sponsorship so that I can get financial support for my studies which will be a great help to me and my family also. After establishment I wish to serve the needy people who are unable to get proper treatment without their bad economic condition. I am happy to be selected by Aiducate Now. I am very much thankful to them for their generosity.