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Ardhendu Pal

Present Education Electrical Engineering, 4th yr.
Present Institution Jadavpur University
Address Hooghly
Joint Rank Engineering 195(General)
Educational Background Madhyamik in 2009, scored 85.75 % marks, Higher Secondary in 2011, scored 89.40 % marks
Current / Last Sponsor Mr. Vishwanath Jogini
Sponsorship History 2012: Mr. Vishwanath Jogini; 2013: Mr. Vishwanath Jogini; 2014: Mr. Vishwanath Jogini; 2015: Mr. Vishwanath Jogini
About I came from a financially and educationally backward family. For my family, I am the first who has passed Madhyamik examination. We live in a mud house and my family consist my parents, grand mother and my brother. My father is a farmer and he is the sole bread earner of our family. His monthly income is around Rs. 4,000 per month. My grandmother is a paralysis patient and a lot of money is spent for her treatment. Now, it becomes impossible to obtain a square meal for our family, after meeting educational expenses and medical expenses. Presently, I am continuing my study with some gentleman’s help, who has provided some money as a loan. At present, I am a student of Electrical Engineering, Jadavpur University. As my first priority is to support my family, so after completion of my degree, I will try for a job. Also, I have a long cherished dream to do independent research in the field of Physics; if I get further support from Mukti, then as an alternative option, I want to pursue higher education. After getting financial stability, I wish to help the needy students who are continuing their study despite of their financial difficulties and want to be an active member of Mukti.
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