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Maitreyee Manna

Sponsorship Bucket Bucket A (₹10000)
Present Education H.S. Passed in 2023
Present Institution Bamanagar Subala High School
Email p.rauth1983@gmail.com
Educational Background Passed M.P/10th with a score of 92% in 2021, Brajaballavpur Brajamohan Tewari Siksha Niketan; Passed H.S. with 85.6% in 2023, Bamanagar Subala High School.
Current / Last Sponsor Mr. Niladri Nath Bagchi
Sponsorship History 2022-23; Mr. Niladri Nath Bagchi
About Myself Maitreyee Manna, comes from Pathar Pratima, District of South 24 Paraganas in West Bengal. I live with my parents and sister in a nuclear family. My mother works as a SHG worker in Mukti and my father is a farmer. We have a few land .I have 2 siblings and they are studying in nearby school. I received a 92% grade in Madhyamik from Brajamohan Tewari Siksha Niketan in 2021. I am currently pursuing class- XII with Pure Science at Bamanagar Subala High School. My annual educational expenses reach 50,000/- and also include my tuition, school fees, and book costs. But at the other hand, family income is Rs. 60000/- annually. My father controls my costs through farming, which is quite challenging. My ambition is to crack B. Pharmacy .I have applied in Mukti with hope that if I get a chance of sponsorship that will be of great help to me and also my family.I have selected in Mukti scholarship and my sponsor is Mr. Niladri Nath Bagchi.